Today lots of Ayurveda pharmacies are booming up and there is an increase demand of herbal preparations in the world. In fact it is one of the newest fields with a huge market potential and that's why Sri Lankan Government is also looking forward to its growth as a procreation ground for earning foreign exchange. Skilled persons are lacking in this field both in public and private sectors. Hence a need for such a course is much important. More over self employment is the need of the present and that is why pharmacy professional courses are in demand. Starting this course is like moving one step forward in this direction. According to Ayurveda act (No 31 of 1961) there should be a proper training for pharmacist and the proper maintenance and administration of registered pharmacies.

Therefore it is much important to obtained basic skills for such a pharmacist to conduct and maintain a pharmacy. Therefore this program is designed to cater with the growing demand for the need of public and private sector organization of national and international. By obtaining this certificate there will be a chance to work as an Ayurveda pharmacist in public and private Ayurveda pharmacies with standard educational requirements. Further this is the first course which designed by blend with traditional concepts and modern concepts of Ayurveda Pharmacy in Sri Lanka. Therefore it will be a novel opportunity for develop ones carrier as a pharmacist empowered with pharmacy knowledge. During this course students will learn traditional and modern pharmacy theories and practical.